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Budzi is a flower buying service that offers the ability to order and have flowers delivered from over 60 major growers in several countries or directly from available inventory in the Miami market. By purchasing though Budzi you can bypass the traditional model and purchase directly from source; ensuring freshness and quality while also savings time and money. Budzi can help you coordinate the delivery service (air, truck) and logistics to provide timely deliveries directly to your doorstep.

Why choose budzi?

Greater Selection

More farms means more variety to offer your customers.

Consistent quality

Direct shipping from farms means flowers arrive fresher and have a longer vase life.


Typically prices are 30-40% lower than local sourcing.

Trusted Suppliers

Our rating system promotes packing and fulfilling orders properly

Farm Direct

Source flowers from over 60 major growers in several countries.


Makes shopping for inventory as easy as any ecommerce experience

No Middle Man

Buying direct means less markups and better margins for your business.

Timely Delivery

Whether it’s by air, truck or fedex, budzi can handle the logisticts delivery right to your door

Built for the retail floral business

Buying farm direct or open market doesn’t have to be hard.Budzi is an easy to use platform with many benefits.

Budzi Flower Buying Vs. Traditional Flower Buying

Budzi Farm Direct

Fresh flowers delivered directly from from our vast network of farms to your door.

Approximately 3 - 4 days

Budzi Open Market

Fresh flowers from a wide selection of inbound inventory from over 60 major flower growers.

Approximately 6 - 8 days

Traditional Flower Buying

Less fresh flowers, more middlemen and higher markups.

Approximately 10 - 14 days

Budzi is an Flower Growers, importers and distributors specializing in providing a wide variety of premium Fresh Cut Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Farm Direct Flowers, Flowers to Party Planners, Farm To Florist, Garden Roses, Blooms Direct, Roses from Ecuador, Roses from Colombia, Colombian Carnations and all types of Flowers to the wholesale market in the Dallas, Miami (Florida), Houston Texas (TX), Colorado, Ohio, California, Georgia, New York (NY) and all over United States and Canada.